Young Professional Programme (YPP): Developing Skills and Burnout Proofing

The Young Professional Programme (YPP) was created by African psychologists to empower young professionals with the mental health skills needed to thrive in their lives and careers.

The YPP consists of the following five modules: 

  1. Building Self-Esteem Beyond Performance and Dispelling the “Imposter Voice”
  2. Developing Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills
  3. Racial Identity Development: Managing Diversity and Inclusion
  4. Developing Resilience as a Core Muscle to Succeed
  5. Developing Integration Skills to Avoid Burnout 

The Developing Skills and Burnout-Proofing module of the YPP provides tools and techniques that prevent participants from feeling overwhelmed, emotionally drained and unable to meet constant demands.

After completing the workshop participants will:

  • Be able to identify the signs and symptoms of “burnout” (a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress) and why they may or may not be at risk.
  • Be able to build a system that integrates their work, home and social life, in a way to help them avoid burnout.
  • Be equipped to create practical workplace strategies on how to avoid reaching a point of burnout.
  • Learn how to use the relationship with the self and others as a key to alleviating burnout.
  • Learn how to implement self-care strategies to alleviate stress.