Mental health services South Africa

Mental Health

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The Space Between Us has access to expert advice from a Network of Mental Health Practitioners that provide:

A value-based care network of HPCSA accredited mental health providers who are able to collectively improve the patient centeredness approach and clinical outcomes for mental health.

Standardisation of care including peer regulation and improving efficiency and quality of practice.

The capability of distribution of health care cost across the value chain and therefore generating savings by having clear treatment plans which support.

Promoting an integrated mental health care journey which supports out-of-hospital treatment and improves the entire value chain.

Mental health workers who are geographically dispersed to ensure coverage of the bulk of South African customers.

Establishing the clinical psychologist as the key point of call post admissions, thus ensuring a wholistic view of the patient.

Our strategic partnerships enhance our distinctive value proposition. In this regard, our partnership with Afriforte contributes to academic rigour and expertise to organizational diagnosis. Afriforte is the commercial arm of WorkWell, the research unit for Economic and Management Sciences at the North-West University, Potchefstroom. Their objective is to utilize “metrics that matter” by converting human factor and workplace research efforts into practical management and risk management tools that would promote the capability of businesses to support their employees. This is done by providing the tools to assist them in improving their mental wellbeing and productivity.