Mental Health tools, resources and expert clinical advice.

About Us

The Space Between Us is a human-centred digital platform for individuals to connect, relate and engage meaningfully with mental wellness tools. We provide guidance that is in touch with the African psyche.

Unlike traditional wellness providers and informal online communities, we offer quality clinical expert advice and provide access to a community of like-minded people from a diversity of life experiences.

A Platform For Our Times

Our platform is not an intervention tool but rather part of everyday work, home and life in general. It is a technology enabled, built-for-purpose platform that provides access, insights, community support and engagement.

The Telkom Pilot

The Space Between Us partnered with the Telkom Group in April 2020 to pilot psycho education solutions using a technology platform powered by Business Connexion Ltd (BCX).

The key objective of the pilot was to establish a learning environment where we could test the operating platform for The Space Between Us proposition. In the longer term, we wanted to identify the framework and potential business cases that could support a successful implementation of a commercially viable service. The pilot targeted 5000 Telkom Group employees.

Our Vision

Mental health is at the core of every person’s wellbeing. Our vision is to build a common language and understanding that nurtures healing and provides tools to help navigate and enhance our mental health.

To improve the quality of our mental health, it is important to examine the quality of our relationships. We believe that strengthening relationships between people will ensure that mental illness is pre-empted, healed, and effectively managed.

For this reason, The Space Between Us partners with individuals, organisations and communities to nurture connectedness and mental wellbeing.

The Team

Linda Mthenjane
Managing Director and Founder
Registered and practising clinical psychologist
  1. Education:

    Linda holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology from the University of KwaZulu-Natal specialising in couple and family therapy, an Honours in Psychology and Social Anthropology from the University of the Witwatersrand and a Business Strategy for HR Leaders qualification from INSEAD. She is also a trained Imago, HOCI and relational life therapy couple therapist.

  2. Career Highlights:

    Linda is a registered clinical psychologist whose purpose is to help people live their most connected lives. She is a passionate, practical thinker with over 20 years of experience as an executive in strategic human resources and a clinical psychologist in private practice. In the corporate world, she has proven her value as a strategic advisor and problem-solver.

  3. Career Aspirations:

    Linda is a mental health activist whose dream is to ensure access to all mental health services. Her clinical specialisation is working with partners who would like to reconnect and deepen their relationships.

Andrew Le Roux
Finance Director and Partner
Entrepreneur, mentor and consultant
  1. Education:

    Andrew is a fellow of the Actuarial Society of South Africa. He completed the General Management Programme at Harvard Business School in the United States and a customised Old Mutual course in Distribution Channels from INSEAD Business School in France. He graduated cum laude with a BSc in Actuarial Science from Stellenbosch University in South Africa. He further holds the Certified Director qualification from the Institute of Directors in South Africa (IoDSA).

  2. Career Highlights:

    Andrew’s career has given him uniquely varied executive and technical experience in life insurance, unsecured lending, short-term insurance, and asset management. He has excelled in general management roles of well-established business units in South Africa and led several business units of his former employer’s Namibian business. His most recent corporate role was as CEO of a small life insurance company. He is also on the board of directors of several companies.

  3. Career Aspirations:

    Andrew believes that new technologies, leadership styles, ways of working and partnerships create exciting opportunities that many corporates are not embracing. He looks forward to taking advantage of these opportunities to solve real problems in South Africa and the rest of Africa and to contribute to meaningful, bona fide transformation.

Desan Pillay
Chief Digital CX, Technology and Analytics Officer
Digital transformation, customer experience and human-centred design, platform economy and data-driven turnaround strategist
  1. Education:

    Desan holds a Bachelors in Business Science Honours in Finance, Strategy and Econometrics from the University of Natal. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter holder and has an MBA in turnaround Strategy from GIBS Business School. He is a qualified advanced design thinking expert from Stanford University and data-driven consulting from Northwestern University.

  2. Career Highlights:

    He is a resilient, proactive and results-oriented strategist and hands-on leader. As the founder and managing director of Power Patch Partners and Advisory, he has managed the delivery of several large-scale transformation projects and solved critical business challenges to turnaround businesses across South Africa, East Africa, United Arab Emirates and Turkey. Desan has been instrumental in setting up new digital platforms across a multiple industries.

  3. Career Aspirations:

    Desan is entrepreneurial, practical, self-driven and passionate about technology, data, and customer experience; with strong analytical, problem-solving and communication skills. His strength lies in taking responsibility for developing a strategy and delivering business outcomes across multiple initiatives. Desan’ dream and passion are to use his knowledge of the African continent to solve challenges across multidisciplinary approaches.

Lwanele Khasu
Clinical specialist
Clinical psychology and mental health training practitioner
  1. Education:

    Lwanele has a Masters in Clinical Psychology, an Honours in Industrial and Organisational Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts degree all from Wits University. She is currently pursuing her PhD studies.

  2. Career Highlights:

    Lwanele’s diverse skills and experience have been driven by her passion to gather insights into understanding people and bridging the knowledge and strategic gap, both in organisations and communities. She is a clinical psychologist with organisational psychology and market research background. Having founded and helped grow multiple mental health organisations, Lwanele has a unique integration of both business and clinical knowledge.

  3. Career Aspirations:

    Lwanele is dedicated to training communities and organisations on mental health and its effects on daily lives. Her sessional lecturing also enables her to shape young minds and instil her passion in understanding human behaviour and motives. She believes our future requires us to invest both skills and mental savviness in youth.