Photography by: Zach Vessels

As The Space Between Us, we believe that mental health is at the core of the effective functioning of all of us. If we fail to intervene in mental health matters as civil society, we risk South Africa’s future prosperity. While the problem may seem overwhelming, The Space Between Us believes our scalable digital mental health platform can ensure access for everyone to mental health knowledge, tools and communities. The two key groups we believe we must target with urgency for the greatest impact are individuals who can have a multiplier effect and the next generation, including teenagers.

To raise awareness of the importance of mental wellness, we aim to ensure there is a primary mental healthcare person in every school across the country. This dedicated network would use this experience to conduct research to inform a more digital offering to young people in schools and our identified key groups.

This is done in line with three key objectives:

  • To provide world class mental health research to further the agenda of pre-empting, educating and managing mental illness once this has occurred.
  • To support the mental health of young people and work with them to create a kinder and braver world.
  • To decrease stigma and provide our future leaders with better access to quality resources.