Young Professional Programme (YPP): Developing Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills

Signing up for the Young Professional Programme (YPP) will give young professionals insight into themselves and hand them the keys to take ownership of and manage their mental wellbeing, which - ultimately - will enable them to become more effective employees. 

The YPP consists of the following five modules: 

  1. Building Self-Esteem Beyond Performance and Dispelling the “Imposter Voice”

  2. Developing Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills

  3. Racial Identity Development: Managing Diversity and Inclusion

  4. Developing Resilience as a Core Muscle to Succeed

  5. Developing Integration Skills to Avoid Burnout 

The Developing Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills module of the YPP builds insights, skills and appropriate empathy to enable participants to build, maintain and enhance interpersonal effectiveness and influence constructive change in others. 

After completing the workshop participants will:

  • Have a better understanding of and be able to demonstrate the attitudes and behaviours which enable interpersonal effectiveness.

  • Develop better interpersonal rapport.

  • Understand and be able to manage differences in significant others.

  • Understand and demonstrate relevant empathy.

  • Show suitable assertiveness in relationships.

  • Learn how to respond appropriately and with intention to undermining and limiting perceptions.

  • Learn how to navigate having difficult conversations and giving feedback effectively.

  • Be able to come up with constructive, conflict-handling solutions.