Thriving in the new virtual workplace

This workshop addresses how our working world has changed. We also talk through the practical tools we need to flourish as employees.

At the beginning of 2020, South Africa and the world faced the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic that led to a radical change in the way people work. What has shifted is that what began as a response to something (that is a reactive state), has evolved into the world of work having shifted. So now we ask how we can proactively embrace this.

As people who work, one needs to reflect on the changes experienced and most importantly the transformation needed as an employee that is transforming the skills honed in by years of doing things the way that they have been done to something radically different.

The Thriving in the New Virtual Workplace workshop begins with an acknowledgement of what has changed, why it changed and whether it should continue to change. We will also talk through the practical tools we have to have in our personal toolkits to flourish as employees.

Lastly this workshop will take a hard look at some of the simple mechanisms needed for work and how they have evolved, and what the change means for you. The key is not to survive work, but to thrive whilst doing work and this workshop will demonstrate how.

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