Cultivating Self Care

This workshop helps assess how well one is practicing self-care and to assist attendees to develop a personal self-care plan.

We often face difficult situations in the different roles that we fill, where we need to present the best part of ourselves, whether it be in our families, at work, or in our social networks. 

To present our best, it is necessary that we are intentional about how we look after ourselves, as it is often said that “you cannot give out of an empty cup”. 

The Cultivating Self Care workshop is designed to help participants understand the various aspects of caring for the self, i.e. filling your own cup; to assess oneself with regards to how well one is practicing self-care and finally to assist attendees to develop a personal self-care plan. 

It is participatory, and everyone will share their own stories and experiences of what they are facing as challenges and what they are doing to achieve success in areas where they may be doing well. 

We cover topics, including the importance of self-care as well as:

  • Physical: Physical, diet, rest, medical general hygiene
  • Mental: Cognitive, emotional and behavioural
  • Relational self-care
  • Spiritual
  • Financial
  • Professional 

The workshop raises an awareness of self-care aspects and helps participants to develop an attitude of accountability for one’s wellness. 

Some of the take-aways are understanding emotional intelligence; drawing boundaries; the practice of mindfulness and a personal self-care plan. 

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