Young Professional Programme (YPP): Racial Identity Development: Managing Diversity and Inclusion

The Young Professional Programme (YPP) was created by African psychologists to empower young professionals with the mental health skills needed to thrive in their lives and careers.

The YPP consists of the following five modules: 

  1. Building Self-Esteem Beyond Performance and Dispelling the “Imposter Voice”

  2. Developing Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills

  3. Racial Identity Development: Managing Diversity and Inclusion

  4. Developing Resilience as a Core Muscle to Succeed

  5. Developing Integration Skills to Avoid Burnout 

The Racial Identity Development module of the YPP establishes an awareness of the dynamics and scope of diversity in and outside of the workplace; to highlight the internal and external factors that limit an appreciation of diversity and to provide the skills that facilitate inclusivity and that will leverage differences. 

After completing the workshop participants will:

  • Have greater self-insight and awareness of own biases regarding race, gender, disability, culture, age, value systems and socio-economic statuses.

  • Understand how identity develops in both marginalised and valued groups (mainstream or majority) in society.

  • Understand their own identity development and how this enables or limits inclusivity.

  • Have a greater awareness of how diversity manifests in the workplace and elsewhere.

  • Be able to adapt to and accommodate profiles that differ from their own where race, gender, culture, age, value systems, socio-economic statuses etc. are concerned.

  • Have an awareness of and be able to demonstrate attitudes and behaviours that convey an appreciation for diversity.