Dealing with Loss and Grief

Covid-19 is more than a global challenge. It presents challenges at an individual, family and social level.  

Some of us have lost loved ones, jobs and more, making this time especially difficult. We may feel a sense of loss for the life we once knew or even uncertainty because there are so many critical unanswered questions about the pandemic’s impact. Loss and uncertainty are one of the biggest psychological challenges we face right now. 

The Dealing with Loss and Grief workshop explores how we can deal with changes of all kinds. It examines the emotions and processes we go through when we grieve to assist the participants make sense of what they are feeling. We explore what is happening in the brain when we lose a loved one, a way of life, and any change we deem as traumatic. Finally, we explore skills such as the optimism bridge and, emotional intelligence hacks that will help you cope. 

This workshop will improve your abilities to face challenging times one day at a time. It will assist you learn how to temper your need for mastery and provide you with skills to be more open, flexible, and gentle with yourselves. It is the first step in the journey which you may want to embark on for healing. 

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