Building Resilience

The Building Resilience workshop focuses on the relationship we have with ourselves. This relationship is vitally important in both our working lives and at work because it defines the way that we relate to the world around us. We have all coped with trauma and at present the Covid-19 experience has triggered hugely different trauma experiences. 

There are five steps to building resilience with a central feature focusing on finding hope within ourselves and in the world around us. These include, building self-worth; emotional self-regulation; self-soothing; finding nurturing relationships and searching for hope and meaning.

This workshop develops skills to help people better understand themselves. It also looks at managing to cope and to develop coping skills. It focuses on managing anger and anxiety in times of trauma and finding healthy methods of self-comfort. 

It explores how to build supportive relationships and finding hope and meaning.

For more information on this and other workshops, contact The Space Between Us.